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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6. We have two classes in this year group: Blackmoor and Burghley.

The Year 6 staff team are: Ben Lynch (lead) and Debra Smith.

Our topics are ‘Earth and Space’, ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ and ‘Growing Up and Moving On’. Through a creative curriculum, children will study each topic from different aspects using a range of skills from across the curriculum.

In the autumn term, we learn about space with an off-site visit to the Space Centre in Leicester and find out what it is really like to be an astronaut and travel inside a rocket. Back at school, we discover more about planet Earth considering its features and characteristics and then comparing these with other planets in the solar system. We also learn how to plan, design and construct a moon based vehicle using motors and axles to create movement.

In the spring term, our ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ topic focuses on how animals and plants adapt to their environment and how this benefits different types of animals. We also explore the rainforest and discuss how Charles Darwin’s theory has impacted on modern science. We also discuss how we inherit physical aspects from our parents and identify which genes we have in common and even what our own children could look like.

In the summer term, our ‘Growing Up and Moving On’ topic focuses PSHE and we look at moving to secondary school, growing up and changing including puberty. The aim of this topic is to help understand more about how our bodies change as we grow up and how we can stay healthy. However, the focus is not only on the physical changes but also the emotional changes we may feel during puberty. We also look at different types of families, groups, friendships and how these may change over time.

In Year 6, we attend a residential at an outdoor centre and learn how to appreciate risk taking through caving, high ropes and raft building, to name just a few activities. Team work, contributing ideas and supporting others are the main skills needed and believe children can develop these transferable skills more effectively through multi-sensory and practical experiences.