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Year 3

Welcome to Year Three. We have three classes in this year group.

The Year Three staff team are: Emma O'Mahoney (Lead), Lucy Gotch, Julie Zerr.

Term 1 – Mighty Metals

Mighty metals are everywhere! From earrings to rockets, metals have shaped the world we live in today. This half term, we’re going to become fantastic physicists, exploring the world of forces, metals and materials. At a playground, we’ll explore the forces that help us to slide and swing. We’ll look closely at levers and explore how they help us to lift heavy objects. To learn more about forces, we’ll make spinners and play with parachutes. We’ll also use our artistic skills to create embossed patterns and pictures.

Term 2 – Heroes and Villains

This half term, we’ll meet Cruella de Vil to interrogate her about her wicked plans. By reading parts of 101 Dalmatians, we’ll learn all about Cruella’s character. Then, we’ll learn the song Cruella de Vil and make a sock puppet. Cruella will not be very impressed! We will learn songs about the infamous Bonnie and Clyde Whist listening to film music, we will consider how sounds are used to make characters appear more villainous. Using fairy tales, we will examine the difference between right and wrong and we’ll also research historical heroes using a variety of source materials and put song lyrics about our favourite heroes to familiar tunes.

Term 3 -  Predator

We will invite some amazing animals into our classroom to discover how they move, what they feel like and what they eat. We’ll learn about the different parts of a plant and how some plants are predators! From our investigations about the human skeleton, we’ll find out how muscle make the bones move. We’ll investigate food chains and learn about how animals find their food. Using the internet, we’ll research the majestic peregrine falcon and discover where crocodiles live.


Term 4 – Tribal tales

Through our research, we’ll learn about the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. What were people’s daily lives like and what epic battles did they fight? Using techniques such as cutting, scraping and mark making, we’ll make Stone Age tools. We’ll look closely at cave paintings and create our own. As we learn about the Bronze Age, we’ll build monuments and investigate their shadows. In science, we’ll plant grains and learn about plant life cycles. Copying the Beaker folk style, we’ll make clay containers. Then, we’ll travel to the Iron Age to learn about hill forts and the properties of iron.

Term 5 – Scrumdiddlyumtious

This half term, we’ll visit a local supermarket to find out about the food sold there. We’ll bring back samples of fruits and vegetables so we can investigate them using our senses. Will we like everything we taste? We’ll try different types of bread, and maybe even bake our own. In art and design, we’ll look closely at fruits and vegetables and sketch what we can see. We’ll follow recipes and learn about foods from around the world. Our science work will focus on food groups and how food can be altered. Will we be able to create bouncy eggs, edible slime or exploding chocolate drops? We will also learn about the fascinating discoveries made by the physicist James Lind.

Term 6 – Tremors

Gathering rock samples, we will be finding out about different types of rocks and sorting them according to their properties. By carrying out research, we’ll investigate the Earth’s layers and the location of volcanoes, discovering what causes them to erupt. Working as archaeologists, we’ll locate Mount Vesuvius on a map and find out what it was like to live in Pompeii during the eruption. Using our model making skills, we’ll build earthquake-proof structures and test them out. We’ll also use different modelling materials to create a volcano – watch out, it’s going to blow!