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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2. We have three classes in this year group.

The Year 2 staff team are Becky Letts (Lead) / Anna Hull, Harwinder Singh, Rose Knox

Our topics are ‘Health, Fire Fire, Tomb Raiders, Space, Pirates, Victorians’.

We begin the year looking at the lives and achievements of two prominent women in history -  Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.  We consider the positive impact on the present day health system as a result of their actions.  We compare health services in Corby and in the UK to health services in the past.  This supports our understanding of the history of the health service.  We investigate animal health and their behaviour.  We understand further what we need to do to survive and how our needs are changing due to modern day.

We learn more about the history of architecture and buildings through learning about the Great Fire of London and how this changed the face of the city.  We research how this affected the geography and history of London and its people.  We discover the works of the great diarist, Samuel Pepys – a local Londoner with a fascinating historical record. This supports our literacy skills.

We hone further our understanding of map reading and apply our geographical knowledge to plan our routes on school days out of the classroom and use Google Earth to find our school and other features of Corby. We also learn to paste these images into a PowerPoint.

During the warmer months we identify different minibeasts, living things, different habitats and how these organisms grow and adapt.

We explore holidays from the past and investigate how the Victorians spent their holidays, what they wore, what they ate and what they did.

Throughout the year we have several visitors, including the local Reverend, fire fighters, a nurse and more. We also take a visit to our local Church (St John’s), visit the National Space Centre in Leicester and take a trip to Hunstanton.

To consolidate our learning towards to the end of the year, we visit Hunstanton and observe the seaside town.  We are curious about today’s holidays in Hunstanton compared to how the Victorians holidayed there.  We also research tidal flow, sea life and weather on the coast.  This helps cement how our learning around history, geography and science to reinforce our experiences outside the classroom.