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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1. We have three classes in this year group.

The Year 1 staff team are: Kelly McKee (Lead), Joanne Harris.

The topics are Traditional/Fairy tales, Transport, Under the Sea and Flowers and Insects.

We begin the year looking at Traditional/Fairy Tales. We identify and discuss the features and language of each text. Through drama, the children will learn how to retell parts of the story and identify character’s feelings, actions and reasons for what they are doing. They will learn to sequence stories and their writing skills will focus on sentence structure. The children will have an opportunity to include food technology in their topic and incorporate their art skills, from designing displays to creating decorative clay pots and Lichtenstein artwork.

We look at the history of transport, recognising their design and technology through the years and comparing and contrasting like modes of transport. To improve our geographical skills we look at maps and understand directions and how we navigate on our journeys. Walking around the estate looking at signs and road layouts.

We investigate the different changes in the weather and we look at the impact of seasonal changes.  We apply science by researching climate change and the effect on our lives and our school community. 

Under the Sea we look at animals and their habitats. We will visit Birmingham Sea Life Centre in order to consolidate our learning.

We increase our awareness of plants in the UK to support our learning in science and geography.  We look at the names and types of plants and grow some in our classroom.  We make an off-site visit to Fermyn Woods, Brigstock where we survey flowers and insects.  We learn about how they grow and change in their environment.