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Our Staff

We would like to introduce you to our staff:

Interim Chief Executive Officer: Sue Cordwell

Head of Academy - Mark Ingham

Vice Principal - Julia Kitson (FS2/KS1)

Vice Principal - Joanne James (KS2)


Assistant Vice Principal / SENCo / LAC Teacher - Jen Doherty


Nursery - Foundation Stage 1 Alison Palmer (acting KS1 lead), Sam Newstead (FS1 Lead, Educational Visits Coordinator), Ellen McCaw (2yo Lead),

Reception - Foundation Stage 2 Alex Harris (FS2 Lead), Wendy Cox, Jen Pyper,

Year 1 Kelly McKee (Lead), Joanne Harris

Year 2 Becky Letts (Yr2 Lead), Harwinder Singh, Rose Knox

Year 3 Emma O'Mahoney (Lead), Lucy Gotch, Julie Zerr

Year 4 Helen Vorster (Year 4 Lead), Joyce Chan, Tamla Mathew, Sammie Golding,

Year 5 Yatin Solanki (Year 5 Lead), Christian Rankin, Lawrence Wolahan. 

Year 6 Hannah Morris (Year 6 Lead), Mags Norris, Naz Khan

Interventions Andrea Reilly

Behavioural Management Coordinator Gwen McConnell - based at Woodnewton site

Support Staff

Nurture Staff Carole Dickson, Lisa Wilson

Learning Mentor Michelle Heron

Advocate for Children Antoinette Downing

Cover Supervisors Tina Bezzina, Kim Esslemont, Darrell Palmer

Senior Early Years Practitioner Ashleigh Lester

Early Years Practitioners Dawn Collins, Julia Clarke, Maria Figureido, Karen Marrs, Sharon Spencer, Andrea Weekes, Alecia Smith, Reka Szucs-Voros, Clare Manning

Teaching Assistants Jeanne Beer, Donna Chambers, Nicola Edgar-Ward, Borka Hannan, Donna Harman, Mags MacLeod, Pauline McGettens, Tracey Sinclair, Sarah Politano, Linda O’Neil, Trisha Stimson.

Librarian Maria Charlton

Site Supervisors Mark Kilgallon, Nicky Boyle

Senior Lunchtime Supervisors Marianne Walker

Lunchtime Supervisors  Jean Findlay, Derek McPhee,  Marianne Walker, Agnes Welsh, Kim Judge, Sharon Murray, Naomi Connor, Sandra Hendry, Donna Smith, Katrina Brown, Ams Galloway.

Senior Premises Staff Pauline McGettens

Premises Staff Carol Binley, Gail Kemley, Derek McPhee, Marianne Walker, Agnes Welsh, Moira McCourt, Sandra Hendry, Gabriela Mocanu, Katrina Foster

Breakfast Club Staff Sandra Auld, Mags Macleod

Tea Time Club Sandra Auld, Tina Bezzina, Linda Hughes

ICT Manager Aaron Wheeler

Office Staff

Finance Manager Sarah Sherlock

Bursar Donna Bardsley

Finance Assistant Karen Mathew

Senior Administrator Kim Burley

Receptionist and Administrative Assistant Amanda McGhee

Attendance Officer  Karen Lloyd

Project Manager Sue Martin