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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4. We have three classes in this year group.

The Year 4 staff team are: Helen Vorster (lead), Sammie Golding/Ellie Light, Joyce Chan

In the Autumn Term, the children will travel back in time to the Victorian Era.  In History, they will research the life of Queen Victoria and her reign whilst in Geography they will learn about the British Empire and locate former colonies on a world map.  In Design and Technology, the children will learn running stitch and cross stitch and use this knowledge to create a Victorian Sampler.  Towards the end of the term, a trip to Holdenby House, a real Victorian home in Northamptonshire, will consolidate the children’s learning.  Here the children will be allocated jobs such as Valet, Footman, House Keeper and Kitchen Maid and will actually perform the duties associated with the role.

After Christmas, our Topic changes to World War Two.  In this exciting new topic, the children will be give new names and allocated war time jobs such as Soldier, ARP, Nurse and Factory Worker.  In English, they will write a character profile based on their new name and role and a playscript based on where they were when the war broke out.  They will also write a diary (in character) detailing their war time experiences.  In Art, the children will be creating a print of Winston Churchill in the Pop Art Style while in Design and Technology, they will have the opportunity to make a Gas Mask and build an Anderson Shelter.  Our Author of the Term is Anne Frank and we will be using her diary as the stimulus for a variety of writing tasks.

Finally, in the Summer Term, the children will be learning about Chocolate.  In History, they will learn about when chocolate was discovered and by whom.  In Geography, we will discover which countries grow cocoa trees and understand the journey that the cocoa seeds take to get to the chocolate manufacturers.  We learn about the harvesting of cocoa pods, how they are used in making chocolate and the other ingredients required.  A trip to Cadbury World enables us to see first-hand how the chocolate is made and taste the end product. Back in the classroom, in Art we develop our own chocolate packaging by looking at the use of colour, texture and cost.  In Science, we will look at teeth and learn about the effects that too many sugary foods such as chocolate have on our teeth.  We will also follow the journey that a piece of chocolate takes from our mouth through our digestive system, learning about what happens to it on each stage of the journey.