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At Exeter a learning community, we recognise that we have an explicit duty to safeguard and protect children from abuse as defined in the Children’s Act 2004 and the Education Act 2002. The overall intention and purpose behind Woodnewton Academy Trust's Safeguarding Policy is underpinned by the fundamental principle of the Children Act 1989: ‘the welfare of the child is paramount’

The Designated Safeguarding leads for Exeter a Learning Community are: Julia Kitson, Antoinette Downing and Jen Doherty 

If at anytime you have any issues or concerns please do not hesitate to contact them. Full contact details are listed on the document below (what to do if you are concerned about a child). However if you have concerns about a childs immediate safety please call Childrens Services on 0300 126 1000 or 01604 626938 (out of hours) immediately.

Everyone at Exeter a learning community shares the objective to help keep children safe by:

• Providing a safe environment for children to learn
• Supporting children’s development in ways which will foster a sense of self-esteem and     independence
• Identifying and responding to children in need of support and/or protection
• Staff receiving training in child protection and safeguarding

For a copy of Woodnewton Academy Trust's Safeguarding Policy please click HERE 

The Government has now published the latest version of 'Keeping Children Safe'.  The latest edition replaces the one published at the end of May 2017.  All staff must ensure that they have read 'Keeping Children Safe' Part One. Click HERE link to visit the Government page and download the article.