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Values & Ethos

School Vision

Our vision is to create a school where every child achieves through a relentless focus on high quality teaching and learning.

Ensuring all children make good or better progress in reading, writing and numeracy will be one of our core purposes and that the gap closes for our pupil premium children.

All staff will consistently and energetically use the most effective methods for teaching these basic skills.

High quality training and professional development opportunities will equip us to do so.

We will provide an exciting, relevant and inspiring curriculum.

Classrooms will be vibrant, supportive and welcoming.

They will be full of children motivated by positive, well-paced and purposeful lessons.

And these lessons will be delivered by staff that are passionate about the children’s success.

Every parent/carer will be able to feel proud of their child’s/children’s achievements- and will know exactly what these are.

All of this will be done because the children and their education will matter more than anything else.


Exeter’s Creed

Yesterday has passed. Tomorrow will come. Today… is our beginning.

We are not defined by our wealth; we have nothing to fear because our integrity allows us to make the right choices that affect positively on those around us.

We only look down on people when helping them up. We are one set of eyes, one set of ears and a single heart that beats as one.

We are responsible for our actions and respect each other’s unique qualities, regardless of gender, race or background.

We are team Exeter and we work hard to overcome our challenges and achieve our goals – making memories and dreams come true.

Together, we believe!  We will achieve!


Exeter’s Values

What is a value?

  • strong learning environment that equips us all with:
    •  social and relationship skills
    • intelligences and attitudes to succeed
    • Standards of behaviour
    • Your judgement of what is important in life

Our values are:



How will we learn about our values?

  • By teachers explaining the meaning of the value
  • By pupils reflecting on the value and what it means to them and their own behaviour.
  • By pupils using the value to guide their own actions.
  • By staff modelling the value through their own behaviour.
  • By ensuring that values are taught through every aspect of the curriculum.
  • Through the work of the School Council.
  • By involving all staff, governors and parents in the values programme through newsletters which explain how school and home can work together to promote positive values.

How will children be recognised for showing these values?


  • Being named for a Principal’s Award and presented with a certificate in a special assembly. Children’s parents will be invited to the assembly which will be followed by an invitation to share refreshments with the Principal.