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History is covered as part of our topics which reflect the requirements of the new Primary National Curriculum. Each year group follows history themes within each topic, which are based on the History programme of study.  

The youngest children begin by looking at history within living memory and famous individuals, both national and international, who shaped our futures. In Key Stage Two they start to explore farther back in time looking at local studies and how history has impacted the world around us. As the children move through the school the experience ancient history and modern history.

We use a range of teaching and learning styles and encourage children to ask and answer Historical questions. Children are given opportunities to use a range of resources including artefacts, photographs, paintings, pictures, stories, poems, music, information books, historical documents and IT programs. Children take part in role play, group discussions, research and presentational activities. Wherever possible, first hand experiences are used through historical theme days and out of school visits.